The wedding ceremony is the most cherished and significant part of the entire wedding day.

Finding the location and setting takes time and much thought.

Whether it is at a church, outdoors, Synagogue or hotel- you will want to be prepared for making the right choice.

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Wedding Party Outside Chapel


When selecting the wedding location you will want to consider:

Church or Synagogue Wedding Ceremony

If you are a member of a church- the fees will be less. There are many churches that allow non- members to have their wedding at their sanctuary or smaller chapel- depending on the number of guests.  Some research as to the ones that allow those options will be necessary.

  • Meet with the on-site coordinator before the big day to discuss about guests numbers, pew seating, wedding attendants and timing.
  • To ensure a smoother wedding rehearsal and wedding day- share with the family and special guests where they will be seated-this will be of great assistance for the ushers and family.
  • Provide a list to the family as to who will need to remain for return to altar photography
  • Make sure your photographer and videographer have been provided the rules and guidelines for their services and meet with the coordinator upon arrival to go over where they can shoot from in the church.


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Beautiful Church Setting


fort worth wedding planner kay watson

Amazing Church Wedding

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

Many brides dream of having an outdoor ceremony and as it  does offer many beautiful photographs, as well as incredible setting.

  • Consider would first be the time of day. As photography and lighting is very important.
  • Be comfortable with you back up plan in case of weather changes
  • Share with wedding party as to type of ground they will be walking on- in order to select the correct heels or flats
  • Obtain professional audio services to set up sound and microphones for the musicians, officiate, readers and videographer
  • Pre plan seating for family and special guests-sharing with them prior the wedding day


dallas wedding planner kay watson

Outdoor Wedding